Posted on Jun 16, 2019

Why use an independent mortgage adviser?


This is a question that gets asked all the time. Bear in mind that we have been giving independent mortgage advice since 1992

1. Access to the whole mortgage market – apply for exclusive and online-only deals in addition to what your own bank or the High Street can offer, so you get the best rate and conditions available.

If you have savings in a bank and approach them for a mortgage, it’s likely they will be restricted to what that lender can offer you. Working with an independent mortgage adviser will give you access to the whole mortgage market in the uk.

2. Quick appointments, quick decisions – ask us about same-day appointments and an agreement in principle by the end of the meeting.

Whilst it’s best to make an appointment to see one of mortgage advisers, sometimes you just have to get advice that day. Just call our offices to get an urgent  appointment.

We have 15 mortgage advisers…Meet 3

Mark Jones Mortgage Adviser Basingstoke
Mark Jones Mortgage Adviser Basingstoke
Lisa Usher Equity Release Camberley
Lisa Hall Mortgage Adviser Frimley
Joe Capon Mortgage Adviser Basingstoke
Joe Capon Mortgage Adviser Basingstoke

3. Meet an adviser in person – refreshingly, talk to a mortgage expert face-to-face, rather than be directed to an impersonal call centre or frustrating online application.

Whilst we can offer telephone appointments, we believe in face to face contact. All our advisers offer down to earth straight-forward  advice that you can understand.

We have mortgage advice offices in Frimley and Basingstoke

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