Posted on Jul 24, 2015

MUMS defies all odds to come 2nd last

Ok, so we didn’t win (and we should quickly add that we didn’t have any expectations of winning) but we had a fantastic time at the Newbury Building Society Netball Tournament in Basingstoke earlier this month.

The event, which raised a fantastic £345, is held in aid of the Pink Ribbon Foundation. The PRF fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, or have been affected by breast cancer. Further to this, they are also working to advance the understanding of breast cancer, its early detection and treatment.

Match Report

We were the first to arrive on the Courts at Everest Academy (Basingstoke) and eager to get going.


When we say eager to get going, what we actually mean is eager to practice. Our team boasted a majority of players who had never played Netball before, or if we had, it was many moons ago at school (when our fitness was considerably better). We spent much of the lead up to the event reviewing and educating ourselves on the rules of Netball (particularly the no dribbling and moving with the ball thing).

We played some blinding games (even scoring a few goals), but for all the want in the world, we were not on our way to winning that coveted trophy. We came up against some very good competition from other teams, not least two of Newbury Building Society’s own (who incidentally went on to win the Tournament).

7 players from MUMS kept the momentum going throughout the 8 matches played: Mitch, Stephen, Sean, Lisa, Aaron, Debbie and Grace. Unfortunately Debbie is not pictured in the team photo as she was unable to reach us until the third match, when her tenaciousness and energy led the team to (our only) victory.

Ultimately, for a team that had mostly never played before and had never played together, we were proud of the outcome and are buzzing for next year (when we fully intend to win… hopefully).

Thanks to Newbury Building Society for hosting a brilliant evening.

Some more snaps of the evening:

Stephen, Mitch and Sean after the medal ceremony:

Netball Team | Michael Usher Mortgage Services

The Netball Team (L:R Grace, Aaron, Lisa, Stephen, Mitch and Sean):

Netball Team | Michael Usher Mortgage Services

The well earnt, much deserved medal:

Netball Team Medal | Michael Usher Mortgage Services

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