Posted on Mar 8, 2019

Our New Radio Adverts

New radio adverts with Brian Blessed

Our radio adverts have worked really well for us. They have opened up a brand new audience for our mortgage advisers.

We could have gone down the same route as many other financial advisers who advertise on the radio with a boring male voiceover, but we wanted to have some fun. So Pete Sutton who is CEO of the  PMW  Agency came up with the idea of the Mortgage Megastar.

At first we advertised on Eagle Radio with just me speaking along with a jingle, but we’ve upped things a notch and brought in another megastar and actor / luvvie Brian Blessed. And now we are advertising on the Breeze FM as well.

All the ads were recorded at the Silk Studios in London and I think they sound great…Have a listen Over here   >>>>>>>>.

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